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The iconic Blue Nun brand is owned by Langguth Wines, located in the stunning town of Traben situated on the left bank of the Mosel river, Germany, about 1.5 hours west of Frankfurt and 2.5 hours south of Dusseldorf. At Langguth we have used all our passion, heritage and expertise to create a family of quality wines that really deliver on taste.
It all started back in 1857, when Hermann Sichel founded his wine business in Mainz, Germany. The company took off when it decided to commemorate the extraordinary vintage of 1921 with a special new label: Blue Nun. The new brand won instant recognition in the UK and before long was found in most top London hotels and restaurants.

In the early 1930s over 1000 cases were sold in the UK alone, which in those days was exceptional for a single label.

The brand continued to gain popular approval and grow sales right through to the 1970s, when Blue Nun reached its peak of around 3.5 million bottles sold in the UK alone.

In 2011, Blue Nun has had a striking new packing overhaul and the previous Blue Nun Original in the classic blue fluted bottle is now made from the Rivaner Riesling grapes. Sales are going from strength to strength and the wines are sold in over a hundred countries around the globe.
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