About Blue Nun
Blue Nun


Aromatic, fruity and racy - that is how connoisseurs love their wines from the River Rhine. The Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE has a fi ne balance, softness, and depth of fruit flavour.

The reassurance of the SICHEL SUPERIOR VINIFICATION guarantees that the best vineyards with only the best grapes are chosen, best care in pressing, cold fermentation, maturing and bottling. Fantastic scents of apples and fruits create a luscious, delicate wine. With a mineral taste and refreshing acidity the Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE enthuses with its playful fi nesse of a slight residual sweetness.

Excellent with light stews, chicken, vegetables, Asian cuisine and fish dishes.

Serving temperature10 - 12 °C
Alcohol10 % VOL.
Authentic White
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