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Everyday chain store organizing a special sales and promotional exhibition called “Tsagaan Sar“ for all customers prior national holiday with goal to support domestic producers. Customers who purchase products from domestic producers not only supporting national small and medium sized enterprises as well as it will be a contribution towards developing the country’s economy. In other hand, domestic producer must focus on supplying customers with high quality, healthy and competitive products. The single citizen or a family of developed nations mainly has the fixed mind set of purchasing often from the domestic producers in order to support home country’s economy.

At present time Mongolia has established a very fragile economy mainly based on exportation of mineral recourses.
Therefore, in order to develop and support other sectors except mining we, Mongolians need to increase buying more domestic produced products. It is reality that most of the foreign governments are taking strategic measures in order to minimize the out flow of cash and increase all exportations.
Mongolian economy based on private businesses, all decisions of the parliament made by the majority, the government to control the economy and the law and regulations. Unfortunately the government solely intending to take full control of the economy. Due this situation the business owners are facing many unsolved issues until today. For that reason, the government should listen the voices of the business owners and take decisions based on countable research to conduct “ bottom up “ management strategy.

As the festive season of prior “Tsagaan Sar“ celebration approaching fast Everyday International LLC team is encouraging all trade businesses to join us and support domestic producers by organizing an important promotional exhibition called “ PURCHASE AND SUPPORT DOMESTIC PRODUCERS ON NATIONAL HOLIDAY”.


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